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About Western

Western Financial Planning Corporation
has its roots in a family legacy. In the early 1950's Louis V. Schooler's father, Eugene B. Schooler, began organizing real estate investment groups which invested in land. In 1963, Eugene incorporated EBS Land Company to invest in undeveloped land throughout the rapidly growing southwest. From his youth, Louis learned the ins and outs of the family business, gaining insight and knowledge in selecting geographic areas and sites for future development.

In 1978 Louis incorporated Western Financial Planning Corp. initially as a land investment company. Since 1978, investment groups with Western Financial Planning Corp. have purchased more than $100 million of land in Nevada, California and Arizona comprising over 10,000 acres.

In 1997, Louis teamed up with commercial properties expert Jeff Wohler to form LinMar Management Incorporated, which provides Western's clients with opportunities in income-producing properties.

Western Financial Planning Corporation's track record shows impressive gains for its investors. The people at Western have been able to achieve that success by applying the fundamentals of experience, careful planning, meticulous research, and long-term market analysis developed over three generations of successful real estate investments.

Helping you to meet - and exceed - your financial goals is a badge of pride for us. Because your success is our success.