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How Land Investing Works

Western Financial organizes groups that invest in undeveloped land, usually located in the Southwestern United States. These investment
groups are created within the structure of a general partnership.

Each investment group stands apart from Western Financial; we do not manage the groups. We like to think of each one as a "mini-democracy."

All decisions are voted upon by members who own interest in the partnership, and no action is taken without a vote-by-ballot. A signatory partner is selected from the members who is authorized to sign on behalf of the group, but only after a vote.

No one employed by Western Financial is eligible to vote in any of the general partnerships even though they may own an interest in a partnership.

Typical decisions that a partnership may vote upon throughout the course of the investment might include when to incur expenses that may be necessary to survey the land, to test for water or sewer connections, or to determine when to sell the property.