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New Land Investments

We are currently organizing land investments in Nevada, California, and Arizona. Using our established process of extensive research on regional growth, we have determined several areas of opportunity.

One of our major criteria is to identify land that is in the path of progress. As an example, Nevada, where several of our groups are
invested, is growing at a rate that outstrips the rest of the United States, there is very little land available for private use. The
government owns 87% of the state of Nevada, leaving only 13% for purchase. The limited availability of developable land delivers
excellent prospects for investors.

Many of our properties have the potential for industrial, commercial, or
residential development, including:

a. Affordable industrial and commercial land
b. Proximity to road, air, and rail transportation
c. Availability of a large labor pool
d. Adjacency to new or planned industrial centers

For more information about current land investment groups, contact
Western Financial Planning Corporation by phone or by e-mailing